Gallery Wall of Green Floral

Gallery Wall of Green Floral

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Our gallery walls make bold statements and transform spaces!

Our art is produced on matt paper and printed with top quality inks. Prints are framed behind glass within a 3.5cm wide by 2 cm deep black wooden frame and are single white matted. The result is an exceptional gallery wall made from art pieces with unrivaled quality. 

A. 114234D Verdant Vignette I J. Vess

B. 133158Z Seaglass Garden I E. Franklin

C. 119935D Zanzibar Gem I M. Wang

D. 144896Z Spring Sprig II C. Zarris

E. 109426Z Water Flowers I M. Meagher

F. 118051D Cornflower Study II J. Vess

G. 143405Z Eloquent Botanical I Vision Studio

H. 105987Z Floral Impasto I J. Vess


A. 40x50cm                     B. 50x50cm                       C. 40x50cm


D. 30x40cm                 E. 50x50cm                           F. 25x50cm


G. 40x50cm                     H. 50x50cm

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