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Why Muse?

We love art, and we want to help you find art you love! Here are three reasons we think we’re special.

We make art accessible
We offer an exclusive original art collection and vast selection of wall art. MUSE members have easy access to a large collection of original paintings, art prints, photos and more through our website and retail art gallery. Whatever your style, interest or décor-find the piece you can’t live without. Get inspired by art and love your space!

A Unique Way to Support Art
We work with handpicked artists and exclusive art. We offer a select assortment of work from rising artists in the region and work directly with them to build lasting relationships. To make this possible, we scour the region to find talented artists and through MUSE provide a platform to showcase their works and tell their stories.

We create bespoke pieces
Craftsmanship is important to us. Go ahead…choose any size, frame or material you want. Each piece is handcrafted and inspected with a meticulous attention to detail, which ensures that the artwork you receive is of the highest quality. We don't keep stock sitting around, so as soon as you place your order our skilled artisans start from scratch to finish your customized art just for you. Call us obsessed—we’ll take it as a compliment.